Almond Bunny Cake

Small (4 Servings)

CHF 42.50
Contents 450 Gram
Shelf life 10 Days
Shipping Switzerland
Home Delivery Yes  -   Zip Code List
Production time 4 Days
Pick Up Zurich

Vollenweider's Almond Cake Easter Bunnies are a traditional Easter speciality. They are individually handmade with the finest ingredients, using a secret recipe which has been passed down in the Vollenweider family for three generations.

The Bunnies are baked in traditional clay and copper forms, which allows their aroma to gently unfold.

If properly stored, at cool room temperature, these cakes will last up to 10 days.

A true Vollenweider Easter tradition, these Bunnies have been shipped all over Switzerland, (and more recently, internationally), for over 75 years.