Start the new year off in good taste!

Our traditional French Galette des Rois is once again available to start the new year off right! What is so special about the Galette des Rois? In French culture, January is a time for gathering with family, friends and colleagues, for the feast of the Three Kings (Epiphany)...all whilst enjoying a wonderful Galette des Rois!

Our classic Galette des Rois is a buttery, flaky crust, filled with a rich almond cream filling (Crème Frangipane). Perfect for small and big Gourmets, alike.

Each Galette contains a small, ceramic figurine (called a "Fêve"). The person who discovers the Fêve first, is the king/queen for the day, and gets the wear the paper crown (one comes with each Galette).

Should you find a black Fêve in the shape of a Macaron, you are the lucky winner! Bring the ceramic piece to any one of our locations to claim your prize. (Please note: Only black Macarons qualify for the prize).

Available: 03.01.-30.01.2022
Reservations are recommended.